Engaging, enabling and empowering individuals to be the best they can be and excel in their field is at the heart of Gilchrist Performance.

I believe in harnessing my breadth of existing technical knowledge and performance experiences to provide guidance to organisations or individuals in their particular sphere.

To give you an idea of the type of projects I work on, below is a summary of my work portfolio. Have a browse and see what areas of expertise you want to engage, enable and empower to excel you or your organisation.

If you wish to discuss a project and find out more about how we might work together, please get in touch.


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My extensive experience in the world of high performance sport, means I have exceptional skills in performance programming and hold technical knowledge of specific areas relating to Sports Science. This is in addition to system wide knowledge of the UK high performance sport system. With over 20 years experience supporting elite athletes to Olympic and Paralympic gold medal success, I can provide support and insight into your performance programme to help you engage, enable, empower and excel in your abilities to achieve optimal performance. Examples include:

  • Establishing, developing and supporting Sports Science and Medicine Teams

  • Performance programme insights

  • Implementing a performance plan

  • Quality assuring performance teams

  • Project management

  • Developing a high performance culture

Get in touch for bespoke performance support packages tailored to your level of sport or organisational needs and goals.



I have a Professional Doctorate in the recovery practices of elite athletes, specifically focusing on sleep and downtime. If you or your colleagues need advice on any aspect of sleep, or wider recovery strategies for optimal performance gains, then feel free to get in touch for a discussion about how I can help you to unlock your ability to engage, empower and enable your performance skills and abilities.


Combining my knowledge of the UK high performance sport system and experience in UK Sport practitioner development programmes over multiple Olympic and Paralympic cycles, makes me ideally placed to guide individuals through their career development. Get in touch for specific details regarding career mentoring, coaching or supervision for BASES Accreditation pathways.


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Through my experiences of relating academic principles to an applied world, I can help provide insight from the applied sports science industry into your education programmes. In collaboration with graduate learning programmes, I have used my knowledge and experiences to provide interactive sessions for individuals wishing to learn more about the world of applied sports science support and develop their skills in supporting athletes and coaches. feel free to get in touch for a more detailed discussion of your education needs in helping to engage, enable, empower and excel you or the teams you work with.

Feedback from a postgraduate workshop using Problem Based Learning (2015)

‘‘PBL helps us evaluate a scenario less theoretically and more practically, making it a very useful tool for learning to be open minded of the potential solutions to real life scenarios. It prepares us to be proactive and directional with our problem solving capability in physiological testing, working in groups also helps develop our interpersonal skills, and the discussion helped us understand how each one of us think. Adding PBL into the curriculum gives us the edge of being practical and real time thinkers instead of being bookish in our approaches making it a very strong teaching and learning tool to prepare us for the real world’’. 


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My extensive experience in directing exercise physiology laboratories to quality assured accreditation means I am ideally placed to advise you on any manner of queries relating to your Sports Science facility. For example, I am associated with Sporting Edge matters relating to quality assurance and altitude facilities. Other examples where I might be able to support you and your facility include;

  • Quality assurance processes

  • Laboratory design

  • Developing altitude and heat facilities

If you are in need of advice and support with the above or have general enquires regarding the development of your facility, then please get in touch.