I have written various articles for publication in a range of outlets. Below are some examples of articles and scientific communications I have compiled and contributed to. If you’re interested in me contributing to your media outlet then please get in touch.


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Conference Presentations

Gilchrist S.L. British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences National Conference 2016. Sleep and waking movement behaviour characteristics of an international Olympic rowing squad and the influence of domestic living location.

Gilchrist S.L. English Institute of Sport National Conference 2016. A pilot study into using problem-based learning (PBL) as part of a taught MSc to promote the skills and attributes required for physiology practitioners working in the high performance sport industry

Gilchrist S.L. English Institute of Sport National Conference 2013. Sleep and Athletic Performance: a multidisciplinary Perspective

Gilchrist S.L. American College of Sport Medicine 2013. Sleep Characteristics and Quality from Domestic and Overseas Training Environments in Paralympic Rowers.

Hardman S.L. & Ingham S. European Congress of Sport Sciences 2010. The Physiology of Olympic Champion Rowers: Heavyweight Men’s Coxless Four 2000 & 2004

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